On-Site Safety & Certifications

Goal Statement

Our goal and commitment at Power Plant Services is to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers, conduct our work in an environmentally  responsible manner, and provide safe working conditions for our employees and our subcontractors. Satisfaction of our customers and performing our work in
an environmentally and safe manner are the fundamental goals established in Power Plant Services.

Managements Commitment to Safety

Safety at Power Plant Services is a fundamental focus in our business. We consider accident prevention
to be of prime importance. Accident prevention involves the safety and well-being of our employees,
subcontractors, customers, and visitors, and it affects our financial performance.

We have every desire to provide a safe working environment for our employees and subcontractors. To accomplish this, we feel there is nothing more important than making certain:

  • Employees are provided with neat, clean, safe and healthful working conditions
  • We maintain all equipment, tools, and machines in good repair
  • We comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding occupational health and safety
  • We comply with customer policy regarding safety

Trained Safety Practices:

OSHA Level training | In-house Safety Training Manager | Hazcom | Rigging
Supervisor Training | Crane (Mobile & Gantry) | Personal Protective Equipment Training
Precision Alignment


(Blue Ribbon Certification)

We are in the 2% of over 74,000 companies that have accomplished this!