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Power Plant Services has a skilled management team and machinists who have over 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing Packing, Spill Strips, and other related parts for the  required Packing & Seals in a Turbine.

We have dedicated a whole division to Packing & Seals located in Marion, Ohio.This facility boasts over 25,000 square feet of space with 17,000 square feet dedicated to the manufacturing floor. PPS maintains OEM clearance by replacing worn seals, improving turbines efficiency, and saving on operating cost.

PPS offers on-site verification of diameters prior to manufacturing, which assures replacement parts arrive on-site and meet specifications. Once  components arrive on-site, our highly skilled field machinists will properly install your new parts.


  • Capability to manufacture many different sized diameter Packing Rings up to 60” with any tooth configuration, dovetail, & width.
  • Manufacture new & rebuild new components for all OEMs Stock raw materials for Packing & Seals such as 409/410/422 Stainless Steel, Grade F-22/A387 Steel, as well as Nickel, Silver, & Bronze.
  • Engineering team uses CAD/CAM services to Reverse Engineer & recreate clearances to properly restore the rotational & stationary part clearance & thermal performance.
  • Improving the Turbine’s efficiency & saves on operating cost by replacing worn Seals.
  • Custom on-site Seal installation including portable machine shop utilizing CNC equipment for custom fit Seals to maintain design clearance.

Steam Packing | Anti-swirl Packing | Boiler Feed Pump Packing | Oil Deflectors
Spill Strips | J-Strips/ Caulking | Tooth Material | Water Gland Casing
Piston Rings (Steam & Oil) | Hydrogen Seal | Bell Seals | Standard Snout Rings
Retainers | Keys | Pins | Springs | Reverse Engineering | Pre-Measurement
On-site Installation | Mobile Machine Shops


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