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Outage Parts Kit

The PPS Outage Parts Kit is your single solution for outage parts support. Let us manage and ship all the parts required for your outage, in a single, water tight, container!


• Eliminate the risk of under/over purchasing parts

• Time Saving- Reduction in outage delays with all parts from a single source and single purchase order

• Standard Pricing Available

• Kit is customized to fit your outage needs

• Save money on shipping cost

Outage Coverage:

• Scheduled/Unscheduled Outages

• Repair and Field Services Division

• Reverse Engineering Capabilities

• $4 Million in Semi-finished parts

• Quick Turnaround

• $5 Million in raw material Inventory


Our kit supports the following outages:

ST Outage

Consumables, Valve Parts & Packing

CGT Outage

Consumables for CI, HGP and Major Inspection

Valve Parts Kit

Support for all your Valve needs


Consumables Container:

• Consumables are shipped prior to your outage in a weatherproof container

• Part locations are marked along with an easy check-out system for inventory management

• We will coordinate the container pickup at the end of the outage

• Parts availability subject to technical resources on-hand

Avoid Over or Under Purchasing
Save Time & Money
Complete Inventory System
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