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Power Plant Repair Services “PPRS” is authorized to use the R Symbol in accordance with the provisions of the National Board Inspection Code and NB-415, Accreditation of “R” Repair Organizations.

PPRS Authorization is limited to: “Repairs”

Metallic Repairs at Shop and Field Locations

Certification Number: 11330

ASME Code Symbol Stamps are used to indicate that stamped items conform to the latest edition of the ASME code. This provides you with a high degree of confidence that the pressure piping is built to the established safety standards. This also ensures that their piping projects are done correctly and in a professional manner.

The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code is a set of requirements which must be met when performing repairs to boilers and pressure vessels. In 1975, the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors realized that the lack of quality repairs could lead to a catastrophic failure. They approved the issuance of a National Board Repair “R” Stamp and the Certificate for Authorization to qualified organizations, such as Power Plant Repair Services.

Contact Pat Brennan, Technical Director – Specialty Welding, PPRS 

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