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“On behalf of our company and our CEO, we wanted to express our appreciation and thanks for all your efforts during the past several months on our LP blade failure issue. Looking back on the support you and your organization provided it was more than just repairing the diaphragms. Your company was one of the first ones we met with in an effort to quickly get the unit repaired and back on line. To be specific:
• You promptly evaluated our situation with no spare blade and came back to us with a number of options
• You made available rotor stands for transport of the rotor to and from Houston
• You looked into transportation options for the rotor
• Your team did a great job on repairing the diaphragms * A quick and thorough inspection was performed and repair options presented within a couple of days * Our plant visits were always welcome, informative and your employees are no doubt very talented * The repair options were well laid out and understandable * The repairs had to be made under a very tight schedule for two stages. Your delivery was well ahead of schedule and allowed us to move on installing the rotor without any delays o Most importantly, work quality. You can tell your team has a lot of experience and understand the importance of making sure the measurements are accurate and proper repair protocol followed
• We asked for, under tight time constraints, to obtain a significant number of area checks on all stages as well as dimensional checks when the rotor arrived. You were able to support us on that request
• You introduced us to PPRS employee who with his team, did a great job of putting the dimensional information in a model to try and help us understand some of the problems we have been having It was a real pleasure working with PPRS. Thanks again for all your dedication in helping us get the unit back on line.”

Director, Special Projects

“PPRS, Thanks for all the support to return this unit back to service ahead of schedule!”

“Thanks for all of the great work PPRS performed on the rotor and components.”
Technical Director

“We were pleased to see Power Plant Field Services competitive bidding. The management team from PPFS brought an extremely talented group to the outage. They were very professional and easy to work with. Their expertise was valuable in how they saved money and cut time off the outage. They had several pre – outage meetings to make sure everything had been covered that needed to be done. PPFS skilled craftsmen completed all our major and minor repairs on the blades and diaphragms in a timely manner. The quality control on these repairs was just unbelievable. All repairs were able to be completed at the plant saving on time and shipping costs.”
General Manager & Plant Manager

Inside Sales, We got your PPS shipments. With that, we would like to say “thank you very much” for a good rapid response to our needs for the control valve crosshead guide with extra stock.
Engineer Turbine Specialist

I want to express my sincere feelings and appreciation for a Inside Sales Rep that helped and especially her kindheartedness – I feel you’re the sort of person that goes around blessing others’ lives and spreading goodness, anyway that’s what I’ve experienced first-hand with you. To have someone so helpful and forgiving in the workplace- especially in hard and stressful times- has gladdened my heart. We have become somewhat a very egotistical, demanding and a tense society as a whole so it is quit refreshing to meet people like you- (who are becoming somewhat extinct) particularly in hard times. Your family, close friends and co-workers are very blessed to have you in their lives and I just pray they know and appreciate you, because I (a stranger) sure do.

Thank you so much for the great efforts you all put in and in getting these to us in such a rush, We would like to thank you and all your team for the amazing customer service you have provided to us. Please let your team know we appreciate them and all their hard work over the weekend. Also the communications and updates were a big key to this order and are greatly appreciated and were very helpful. Thank you. We have now received all parts ordered and so far are on time for delivery for our customers. Thank you again!!! We look forward to continuing with more business with your company in the near future.
Customer Service Representative

Thank you for the extra effort your company has once again provided us. The effort and customer service is out of this world.
Project Engineer

I appreciate the quick responses and quality work.
Project Engineer

“Timely turn around on parts needed on short notice many times”.
Technical Specialist

First of all, I would like to thank [the engineering department] (and all unnamed who provided support) for expeditiously reverse engineering the link pin… The Technical Evaluation Document was superb high quality that I was able to turn the review around in less than 45 minutes… Not only that, but I requested that we have our comment resolution done by Tuesday, December 3 and it was done a week earlier than I requested. …the [engineering] Team are to be commended on this, especially prior to a major holiday and outage season.
Procurement Engineering

I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding team work in executing the design, manufacture and delivery of the … Strainers. The efforts from [all locations] and of course PPS have been exceptional. Please pass my sincere thanks to those in your team that were involved but not on circulation.
Project Manager

Part got here at 10:00 am and worked perfectly. Once again, if it were not for … PPS I would never get through these outages. It never ceases to amaze me that I can get a part made at PPS in Chicago and have it here in … less than 20 hours, especially on a holiday weekend.
Senior Staff Maintenance Engineer

I wanted to take a few moments to express my happiness for the outstanding customer support and knowledge that … has demonstrated in helping us with our … project to obtain tooling. Chad has helped in any fashion and even taken time out to talk on our different conference calls and help us make decisions about what is needed for certain tooling and how to best move forward with our project. I wanted to send my appreciation and look forward to our continued customer delight moving forward with this project and others. Great job Chad keep up the good work we appreciate your efforts !!! [The sales staff] have also given us great support no matter what I have asked for I have always been given a quick reply and great customer service, which is key to moving forward with a project that we currently have. Their outstanding efforts are an important factor in all the moving pieces that make up the procurement world. [The sales person] has called several times just to check up and see how things are going and all is appreciated. I have been buying my entire career and your company ranks at the top of the list in all categories. Thank You Again Everyone.
Project Lead

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