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Power Plant Services has been in operation since 1998. We currently have locations in Melrose Park, IL; Oswego, IL; South Elgin, IL; Marion, OH; and Ball Ground, GA. Our strength consists of over 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and repair facilities, modern CNC equipment, a nitriding furnace and much more.

We have over 200 employees including 100 machinist and turbine technicians. We perform emergency work as well as planned outages throughout the United States and internationally. ​

Here’s a summary of our capabilities:

Parts Manufacturing Division  LINK

PPS has provided quality after-market parts for almost two decades. Our current manufacturing division is dedicated to making custom and standard parts. To guarantee a quick turn-around, PPS commonly stocks strategic materials such as 422SS, Incoloy, Alloy Steels. Our ISO 9001-2015 QC program assures the highest quality parts.

Repair Services & Field Machining Division  LINK

We perform repairs of Valves, Pumps, Diaphragms, Rotors, Deflectors, Turning Gear / Gear Boxes, Casings, Nozzles, Strainers, Discharge Heads, Pump Extensions, Impeller, and much more. PPS has the capability to complete repairs on-site when parts cannot be transported.

Field Service Division  LINK

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in managing both large and small field services projects. We have an extensive portable equipment offering including fully equipped machine shops, lathes, balance machines, and boring bars.

Pump Division  LINK

PPS services include the pump being disassembled, cleaned and inspected to give a complete assessment. We cover every type of repair from weld repair of damaged fits, bore, impeller cavitation, and case issues. These repairs will be performed in our shop or on-site. We also manufacture new components for these repairs.

Seals & Packing Division  LINK

We have a packing and seals division in Marion, Ohio dedicated to the manufacturing of packing and seals for most units. We also have portable machine shops that are dedicated to install your packing and seals if necessary.

Specialty Welding Division  LINK

This division allows us to be a premier provider of specialty welding services offering exceptional and innovative welding services, in our service shops as well as on-site. We maintain a highly diverse group of welders and specialty welding equipment including portable Semi-Automated Welding Systems to ensure quality and reliable welding results. Our expertise in TIG, Submerged Arc, Plasma and MIG processes is a result of over four decades of hands-on combined experience.

Boiler Valve Division  LINK

Power Plant Services can disassemble, inspect and perform valve repairs on-site. We provide union as well as non-union services. Our team of TD / TFA and Mechanics are highly experienced and trained in boiler valve maintenance. We have portable machine shops and all necessary tools to provide field machining support for any boiler valve. PPS can manufacture standard as well as obsolete, and complete boiler valve assemblies efficiently, to decrease your downtime.

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