Power Plant Services


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    How do I find specific information I am looking for on your website?

    We have a large amount of information available to you on our website including:

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    What type(s) of raw materials do you stock?

    Power Plant Services stocks many raw materials on-site to help expedite the manufacturing and delivery of your parts.  This helps to decrease the amount of time it takes between the date your order is placed and when you receive your end product. 

    Our raw materials include:

    • 422 SS
    • Nitralloy,
    • Inconel,
    • B16,
    • 1-1 1/4 Chrome-molyvanadium bars and forgings,
    • Austenitic stainless steels,
    • And more
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    What are your machining capabilities?
    Our wide range of equipment for our manufacturing division includes:
    • 4 – Axis CNC Milling (vertical & horizontal 2 pallet)
    • Cincinnati Vertical Boring Mill (90” OD Table, 100” maximum swing, 100” under rail, 57” head travel)
    • Omba Vertical Boring Mill (59” OD Table, 60” maximum swing, 69” under rail, 56” head travel)
    • Shirubra Manudal Horizonal Mill (32” spindle travel, 70” vertical travel, 155” horizontal travel, table size, 59” square extended size 59” x 118”)
    • Lucas CNC Horizontal Mill
    • G&L Manual Horizontal Mill (32” spindle travel, 70” vertical travel, 70” horizontal travel, 108” cross traverse, table size 60” x 120”)
    • Lucas CNC Horizontal Mill (75” spindle travel, 100” vertical head travel, 94” table travel, GE Fanuc 16M control)
    • 4 – Axis CNC Lathes (mill & turn) Live tooling
    • Poreba Lathe (60” swing x 15 ft. length)
    • 4 – Axis Wire EDM
    • Water Jet Cutting (6 ft. x 12 ft., up to 6” thick)
    • Gun Drill (2” drilling diameter x 60” Long)
    • Twin Spindle Gun Drill (1” drilling diameter x 36” Long)
    • Sandblasting
    • Automatic Welding (TIG/MIG/Plasma/Sub-Arc)
    • Surface Grinding
    • OD/ID Grinding
    • Honing


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    What kind of turbines can Power Plant Services accommodate?

    Power Plant Services can work on any and all OEM designs including:

    • GE
    • Toshiba
    • Siemens
    • Westinghouse
    • Allis Chalmers
    • and more!

    Ask us if we can assist you with the turbine your facility utilizes. 


  5. 5
    What size turbines can Power Plant Services accommodate?

    Power Plant Services can service turbine sizes up to 1200 MW. 

  6. 6
    What fuel sources can Power Plant Services accommodate?

    Power Plant Services is able to service steam, gas, nuclear, and hydro turbines. 

  7. 7
    What are Power Plant Services repair capabilities?
    Our repair division, PPRS, enables us to not only manufacture standard and customized parts efficiently, but also to complete repairs either at our facilities or on-site.  PPRS performs turbine repairs for valves, diaphragms, rotors, deflectors, turning gears, pumps, shells, nozzles, strainers, gear boxes and much more!
    Read more around it here.
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    Can Power Plant Services complete on-site as well as in-shop repairs?

    Power Plant Services’ sister company, Power Plant Repair Services (PPRS), has the capabilities and a skilled staff to complete repairs in our Oswego, IL and Ball Ground, GA facilities as well as on-site in a timely, efficient, quality manner. PPRS has portable shops, welding kits, and tool sets among other specialty equipment ready to ship anywhere. 

  9. 9
    What are Power Plant Services Field Machining capabilities?
    PPRS Field Equipment and Tools includes:
    • Portable Machine Shop
    • 20’ Container
    • Surface Grinder
    • Engine Lathe
    • Milling Machine
    • Drill Press
    • Punch Press
    • Portable Lathe
    • Portable Balance Machine


    Read more about it here.

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    What are Power Plant Field Services capabilities?

    Power Plant Field Services (PPFS) teams are located in both our Oswego, IL and Ball Ground, GA facilities. Our team includes experienced engineers and mechanics that are committed to perform a quality job and minimal downtime.

    PPFS’s capabilities (in conjunction with PPRS) include shop and field repairs to all major components:


    • Major Inspections
    • Minor Inspections
    • Valves
    • Generators
    • Auxiliary Equipment
    • Turbine Retrofits
    • Seals and Packing
    • Alignment
    • Induction Bolt Heating
    • Boiler Feed Pump Turbines


    • BOP
    • Combustion Inspections
    • Hot Gas Path Inspections
    • Major Overhauls
    • Blade Tip Grinding
    • RO Change Outs
    • Generator (major, minor, robotic)
    • Bore Scope Inspections
    • Experienced working on: Frame 5, 6, 7, 7FA, V84, W251, W501 (A, B, C, D), W501FD, ABB Turbines


    • Combustion Liners / Baskets
    • Transition Pieces
    • Nozzles
    • Buckets and More
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    Can Power Plant Services reverse engineer parts?

    Yes, Power Plant Services employs highly skilled engineers that can work from existing drawings or create new drawings from part specifications. 

    Read more about it here.


  12. 12
    Can Power Plant Services identify parts by OEM numbers?

    Yes, depending on the OEM, Power Plant Services can identify 50% to 80% of parts by their numbers.

  13. 13
    How long does it take Power Plant Services to turn around our part request?

    For any part, Power Plant Services timeframe is significantly shorter than our competitors. 

    A standard part, or one we have manufactured for you previously, can be manufactured and delivered in less than two (2) weeks. 

    Power Plant Services also manufactures custom parts or parts we have not previously created for you.  This process can be completed in less than eight (8) weeks. 

    We also have emergency services available to make sure you receive parts that are not a part of your scheduled outages. 

  14. 14
    Does Power Plant Services have a quality program?

    Yes, Power Plant Services and Power Plant Repair Services have quality programs.  Both are ISO 9001 Certified and every part goes through inspection prior to leaving our facility for shipment to yours. 

    Read more about it here.

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