Power Plant Services has provided aftermarket parts and repairs for Gas Turbines for over a decade. PPS has the equipment, warehouse space, and man power to service your Gas Turbine. If you do not have the information necessary to begin the reproduction process, the engineering team can reverse engineer your sample part to achieve your desired outcome.
Work on your parts and components is completed by experienced welders, machinists, and mechanics. Most overhauls can be completed in the field with significant repair overhauls done in shop.
PPS Facility is Equipped to Manufacture:
• Compressor Rotor & Stator Blades
• Full Range of Fasteners Including Compressor Thru Bolts
• Marriage Bolts
• Bearings, Rings, Oil Deflectors, & Air Seals
Gas Turbine Repairs
• Hot Gas Path components
• Major or Minor Repairs
• Performed in-shop or on-site

Other Capabilities
• Rotor Welding
• Low & High Speed Balancing with 150 ton balancing machining
• Large Case machining